Saturday, January 19, 2019

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo: Close One Door Behind You and Open Another

Tomorrow (January 20th 2019) we are having a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo! This will be the grand finale of the Eclipse season we've had in January. Get ready to close a chapter in your life and begin a new one. 

To understand this Eclipse it's important to be aware of the energy leading up to it. First we had a Solar Eclipse two weeks ago bringing up the Cancer and Capricorn energy. Dealing with issues of security both physical and emotional. There's been a big focus lately though on Capricorn and physical security. Needing to figure out our foundations so that we are secure. Letting go of things we thought were making us secure, but aren't good for us. Learning to become strong and secure within ourselves. Then the Sun was conjunct Pluto in Capricorn last Thursday, which brought intensity and transformation of structures in our lives. Then yesterday we had a bunch of aspects that still affect this Eclipse. Uranus squaring the Sun for one. This could have brought and still may bring unexpected change. If you're someone who was keeping yourself in shackles there could have been shakeups to free you. There's change, there's shakeups, there's a sense of being freed from our pasts. The Sun was sextile Chiron at the same time helping us or least urging us to heal that feeling of 'the void within'. Really anything that hasn't been serving us that we were dependent on in a way or clung to for security, the universe is strongly pushing us to let go of. Then last but not least, Mercury was conjunct Pluto. Bringing intense conversations or transformative ones. Mercury will be just about conjunct the South Node during the Eclipse, so it's playing a big part. Conversations with others could really help you get some things out you need to release or help give you more insight. There could be powerful and transformative connections. Even compulsive or intense energy perhaps for some. Also, some people may have intense conversations that lead to endings. 

Now let's talk about the actual Eclipse. It's a Lunar Eclipse, which means it's happening at the time of the Full Moon. This means it's a major culmination point and a major time of release. Anything old that's not serving you, it's time to shut that door behind you. The Eclipses always happen astrologically when the Sun and Moon are conjunct the Nodes. Usually that means the Sun and Moon are in the same signs as the Nodes, but not this time. The North Node is in Cancer and the South Node is in Capricorn, yet the Moon is in Leo and the Sun in Aquarius. Lots of different energies! The Sun and Moon are at 0 degrees of Aquarius and Leo respectively, which is powerful as well. This may be a time of release, but boy oh boy with the 0 degrees it's a time for new beginnings as well. It's the end and the beginning! 

The Cancer and Capricorn energy that the Nodes are in represents current energy that we are quite focused on and need to figure out. It's largely about security. This month it's really been about the Capricorn physical and material security. We need to have a strong grounded sense of security in our physical lives. The Cancer energy has to do with emotional security. Also, the ability to tap into compassion and nurturing energy. Tapping more into our feelings. We will be continuing to deal with these themes and they are very important right now. 

The catch is that with the Sun in Aquarius and the Moon in Leo we are revisiting the energy of when the Nodes were in Leo and Aquarius, which culminated this past summer. If you've been reading my posts for awhile, you'll know there was a time when I talked about authenticity all the time. That's because with the North Node in Leo the universe really wanted us to learn the lesson of authenticity. Right now is a moment to really check in and see how we're doing with that. The final moment to release anything holding us back from living a totally authentic life. 

Basically with this Eclipse with the Moon in Leo at 0 degrees conjunct the North Node in Cancer, this huge new chapter we are beginning involves a completely authentic life. Embracing the truth of your being and your inner light. Following your heart and your emotions. No longer should you do things to fit in, please others or hold on to anything for a sense of safety and security. No more holding on to things because some sense of practicality or our minds tell us we should. It's all about the feelings, the heart and the inner truth now. This is so powerful and liberating. Some may be so excited for this new chapter while others may find what they have to let go of a bit daunting. With the Sun in Aquarius though, it's also about what's for the greater good of everyone. You being unhappy and suppressing your truth will never be that. It really is a beautiful time though, once you've released what you're holding on to, for sharing with others from a place of authentic truth, of accepting and listening to your feelings, and building a stable base and sense of true security within yourself. 

I should mention a couple more aspects before wrapping up that are happening at the time of the Eclipse. First of all Mars will be square Saturn. This can show some frustration for those having trouble letting go.  Mars in Aries wants to move forwards and have new things, but Saturn reminds us of reality and is a sobering influence. Perhaps that reality check is that you can't hang on to old things and expect to have a new beginning.  Perhaps you feel a bit restricted because of some material life/physical life issues and you can't move as fast. Regardless of your situation, if you're willing to move forward you will. You might just not be able to move at lightening speed. 

The second aspect I want to mention is that Venus in Sagittarius will be square Neptune in Pisces. Perhaps some of the frustration lies in a bit of fogginess. Venus in Sagittarius is ready to explore and is looking towards the future, but then Neptune comes in and distorts everything. So perhaps just know that things are moving forward. You don't need to be frustrated about it. Regardless of moments of confusion or restrictions, this is a huge turning point. 

✨What an ultra powerful period of time we're in! Shut the door of the past firmly behind you and step through the doorway of a new phase of life. This Eclipse is such an important turning point. ✨

Friday, January 4, 2019

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn

It's eclipse time everyone! Eclipse season is always a time where fate plays a big part and where the universe really tries to get us on the right track. Tomorrow (January 5th 2019) we are having a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn. The eclipses are the times during the year where the Nodes are highlighted. Eclipses only happen astrologically when the Sun and/or Moon are conjunct a Node. This eclipse they are not super close, so that's why it's a partial one. 

This is an exciting time because this is the first eclipse we've had since the Nodes entered Cancer and Capricorn. This eclipse we're dealing with the South Node, which is usually an energy we need to have figured out in order to learn our North Node lesson. There is a tremendous amount of Capricorn energy surrounding this as well. Besides the South Node and the Sun and Moon, there is Pluto, Saturn, and Mercury in Capricorn as well. It's a full on Capricorn party! 

I feel like with the South Node there is an energy of moving away from some things. Particularly from the past. Things that made us feel secure, particularly physically or materially that aren't serving us anymore. The Cancer and Capricorn axis has to do with security issues, which we will be dealing with and healing during the Nodes stay there. This Solar Eclipse we will be dealing with Capricorn energy. We will be dealing with our sense of physical security. If we have lingering attachments it's time to let them go. It is a Solar Eclipse though and that represents a new beginning. It's time to let go of structures that don't bring us true security or happiness and start fresh with new structures and things that work better for us in our lives. Time to have a new relationship as to what security means for you as well. 

This can be a time where we really establish something new in our lives. To transform structures in our lives. This can be great for new beginnings in any area. Job/career, relationships, projects etc. Also, within your physical body. As long as you keep in mind that they should be based in a healthy sense of security. Remember that true security comes from within. You are like the pole in the middle of a tent and everything in your life is like the pegs that hold up all the different parts of the tent. Every time you put your sense of security in one of these things, you get off center and the tent collapses. You must maintain your center during this time! 

When the focus changes to the North Node in Cancer (this will be a big focus during Cancer season in the summer) we will be dealing with a lot of emotions. This focus on the South Node is a great time to get secure physically in a healthy way and get our outer lives situated, so that when it comes time to focus on the emotional you have a firm foundation in which to do so. 

This is a powerful time! Old things that aren't working for us and are bringing us a false sense of security will fall away. New structures in your life can come into being. Definitely a powerful time of new beginnings. We can get secure in our physical lives, so that we have a firm foundation in which to explore our emotions later on. It's time to get healthy and grounded. We also are in a time with a lot of movement pushing forward. The majority of the planetary energy is in cardinal signs right now, which has to do with the initiating factor and starting new things. Also on Sunday Uranus turns direct. I don't really talk about the outer planets retrogrades cause they retrograde so much and it's not felt quite the same way as the inner planets. Still though, this means that every single planet will be moving forward! This is really powerful! 

Friday, December 21, 2018

Full Moon in Cancer: Get in Touch With Your Feelings

Happy Winter Solstice and beginning of Capricorn season everyone! We start off winter with a Full Moon in Cancer that is exact tomorrow morning. 

Befor I get into the energy of the actual Full Moon, I want to talk about some aspects that we have had leading up to it. These aspects aren't exact anymore, but yet they make up part of the energy at the moment still. First of all the Sun and Chiron were square. That was about needing to heal the feeling of the void within. Then the Sun was in a trine with Uranus, which was about change and looking towards the future. Then Mercury was conjunct Jupiter, which is a very optimistic, expansive, exciting and again very future oriented aspect. Then Venus was trine Neptune, which is dreamy and romantic. All this energy that was the build up to the Full Moon, is still affecting us a bit. 

Full Moons are usually a culmination point and also a time to let go. With the Full Moon happening at 0 degrees however, it also marks a beginning point as well. With the Moon in Cancer it's definitely a time to let go of any feelings we have been holding on to. It's actually been a watery time recently. Lots of feelings! The Moon actually is the sign that rules Cancer as well, so this is totally a very emotional time. Let those pent up feelings go. When you do that, you can have a new beginning emotionally. You can be in a totally new space in your feelings. 

Now Full Moons are never made up of one energy. They actually are made up of the Sun and the Moon in opposite signs. The Moon wouldn't have any phases without the Sun after all. This Full Moon we are dealing with the Cancer and Capricorn axis. This axis has a lot to do with security. Capricorn with material security and Cancer with emotional security. Perhaps during this we need to release things we've been clinging to thinking they're making us feel secure, but they're really not. Discovering where a true sense of security comes from. 

The Nodes are in Cancer and Capricorn, so this energy will continue to be a big focus. Figuring out how secure we feel, dealing with security issues and realizing where true security comes from. With the North Node in Cancer a huge emphasis is and will be on feelings and our changing moods etc. We have to accept the emotional part of ourselves and pay more attention to it. 

~Overall this is a powerful Full Moon as it starts to get us more acquainted with the Nodal energy. This is an emotional time. Pay attention to your feelings. Let go of those that don't serve you. Be emotionally secure within yourself. ~

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

New Moon in Sagittarius and Mercury Direct: Time to Get in Touch With Your Feelings and Trust the Universe

On December 6th (11:20 PM pst) we will be having a New Moon in Sagittarius. There is so much going on this New Moon! The fact that it is happening the day Mercury turns direct is exciting, yet there's a lot more going on besides that. It sure is a great time to plant seeds for what you would like to manifest. Things from this point onwards are moving forwards! 

To start, I'll talk about the general energy of the New Moon in Sagittarius. Sag is a sign that is associated with the future. The symbol associated with Sag is an archer. It's a time to look towards our futures and start deciding where we would like to point our arrows. To decide what we would like to manifest. This is optimistic and expansive energy. With Jupiter, the planet that rules Sag at home, this shows a lot of luck and opportunity around this New Moon as well. Sag also has to do with beliefs. This means it's a great time to change your beliefs about your self and life to be more positive. Positive mindsets and affirmations can be really helpful at this time. 

At the time of the New Moon, Mars and Neptune will be conjunct in Pisces. This in itself is an interesting aspect. Mars rules the ego and Neptune is spirit. This aspect is the dissolution of the ego. If you are really in your ego energy at the moment and caught up with what you 'want' this will be more difficult. Yes, get excited about what you would like to manifest, but don't get so caught up with what you think you want that you miss what the universe wants you to have. This is a very magical and spiritual aspect on one hand. A time to surrender your wants and see what the universe has in store for you. Trust is so important at this time. Tune in and trust your intuition. The trouble with this aspect is that it will square the New Moon. Yet the Sun and Moon are 2 degrees beyond Mars and Neptune. I think that means we are moving beyond some of this confusing energy we've been dealing with lately. There still may be a bit of a fog though. Much more clarity than earlier in the week still. Just don't get too frustrated if all is not super clear yet. The clouds are still clearing. These aspects just show that the more you trust the universe, the more magical everything will be. Have faith! 

Some great news is that Mercury will be going direct the day of the New Moon. This completes a cycle of quite a few retrogrades that began in summer time and has really been one thing after another. I bet everyone is glad to be done with all of that! From this point forward we can plant our seeds and actually watch them grow! We will be picking up speed now slowly, but surely. There may be more clarity available now. More emotional clarity than anything else with how Mercury is situated. Something super cool will happen when Mercury turns direct. It will be in a grand water trine with the North Node in Cancer and Chiron in Pisces. If you add in the South Node in Capricorn you basically get a kite formation! Wow! Mercury is going direct in such a cool configuration. There's lots of emotion as all water signs are connected. In fact, the most clarity you may get at this time will likely be emotional. The emotional and spiritual energy is at an all time high! With the  kite pattern this is also a fated time and a time for take off! So get ready everybody. With Mercury in Scorpio we have insight into the depths and the shadows. We have the ability to see what we really desire. With the North Node in Cancer we can nurture ourselves and find emotional security. With Chiron in Pisces there can be emotional healing and an ability to heal our connection to spirit and to heal the 'void' within. So many feelings and lots of healing! While logic isn't highlighted at the moment, we do still need to maintain some sort of grounding with the South Node in Capricorn that completes the kite pattern. There are lots of emotions, spiritual energy and exuberance for the future, yet we need some grounding at the moment to have a foundation as we move forward. 

~The more I look at the chart of the New Moon, the more magical it seems. Yes, there still may be confusion and logic is lacking. The element we don't have represented in the planets at the moment is air, which rules the mind, intellect and logic. That means don't expect clarity in your mind. It's about your feelings, which can really be your guide right now and about trusting in spirit. This New Moon though really starts a new phase of moving forward. This is a time to be excited about what the future holds. A time to trust that your life will unfold in the right direction. ~

Monday, November 19, 2018

Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius ( And a Bit in Scorpio!): What does your future look like?

On November 16th (2018) Mercury turned retrograde right after Venus turned direct. We've had pretty constant retrogrades since summer. A Mars retrograde, then a Mercury retrograde while Mars was still retrograde, and then most recently a Venus Retrograde. All the personal planets! (all the planets go retrograde, but these three affect us the most personally, so these are the ones I'm talking about). Now we are having the final retrograde of the year where we get to reflect on everything we've learned and integrate it all. 

All of these retrogrades were frustrating to some degree I know, but the universe is really trying to get us all majorly on track this year. It's like our life path is a bowling lane, and the universe put the guards up so that we can't veer off course. Ultimately these are really free will choices though, but it's more supported and better for our lives and happiness to go with the energy and do the work. 

If you got more on track during the recent retrogrades hopefully you are more aware of your authentic self, your deep desires, the right path and life that aligns with your authentic self, what you would like in romantic relationships, and hopefully you released situations that were pulling you off path. Now after all of that we are ready to move forward, but we need to use this Mercury retrograde to integrate it all and see how this all fits together. 

Mercury will mostly be retrograde in Sagittarius. Sagittarius's symbol is the archer and it is the sign that is focused on the future. Now that we have hopefully gotten more on track, we can take this time to reflect and see how everything we've learned fits into our futures. It's an important final step. This retrograde may not seem quite so withdrawn as the other ones because while Mercury appears to be moving backwards, Sagittarius is forward focused. We should remember however, that reflection and time spent taking it easy is a good idea at this time. 

Mercury will actually move back into Scorpio for a few days at the end of it's retrograde. After our days focused on the future and thinking about how it all fits together, we will have a few days to finally check in and double check that we are truly following our desires and the right path. These few days might feel more withdrawn and the reflection energy may be deeper. 

Typical Mercury Retrograde Things to Watch Out For:

-Communication difficulties/miscommunication

-Technology acting up

-Be extra cautious about travel plans

-Careful of starting new things, be cautious and discerning about them

-People from the past may crop up

-You may feel like spending more time alone (I know it's the holiday season, but you'll be better off if you make sure to sneak in some alone time too)

-It's a good time to re-do, re-think etc. 

It may seem kind of annoying that we are having another retrograde. This is like the final puzzle piece though! It's helpful and necessary. So start thinking about what you would like your future to look like. Start putting together everything you've learned about yourself. It truly is a powerful time. I know this energy can get a bit restless (especially with Jupiter in it's home sign, which is the ruler of most of Mercury retrograde). It's like we want to run towards the future with open arms, but we gotta chill for a minute and figure it all out.