Thursday, September 12, 2019

Full Moon in Pisces: Time To Surrender

Tomorrow (September 13th 2019 at 9:32 PM PST) we are having a Full Moon in Pisces. This is going to be a big moment of surrender. 

Full Moons are always made up of the Sun and Moon in opposite signs. This time we're dealing with the Sun in Virgo and the Moon in Pisces. As with all Full Moons, a culmination point has been reached and it's time to release some things. With all the Virgo energy lately it's about reordering your reality, so that it works better for you. Creating new routines. Being healthier in many ways. Having a more organized or healthy life. Healthier relationships. There's just been a reordering going on and it's still going on. Now in order to have that there truly needs to be release. Releasing what no longer serves you and doesn't belong in your reality. With this Pisces energy you also should surrender control a bit. Virgo energy can make us so nit picky sometimes, judgmental or perfectionistic. With this Full Moon it's important to let go of that. Those things aren't going to make your reality any better. That's where the Pisces element of surrender comes into play.

During this Full Moon, Mars in Virgo will be opposing Neptune in Pisces. This really heightens this need to surrender. Mars in Virgo can make us want to perfect everything. To sort everything out. To make a list. With the Neptune energy though things can seem unclear. Our energy can even seem to dissipate. We may want to figure everything out, but we may feel tired. Nothing can seem to make sense. Perfection can't seem to be reached. It could make some feel hopeless and like they want to give up. In a way it's best to give up though at this time. Not in a negative way. Just to surrender trying to figure it out. To just have a little bit of faith and trust. To trust that things are as they should be. To surrender to life, the universe and in a way trust that everything is working out as it should for you. Your biggest job right now is simply to surrender and release things from the past or emotions that aren't serving you anymore and don't belong in your new reality. 

The Full Moon is also positively aspecting Pluto. Again this shows that this is a major opportunity to let old shit go and to transform. Very powerful transformation moment available here. Release those old feelings, old hurts etc. Release old patterns and habits that aren't good. We're creating a new day to day reality for ourselves. Release old things you don't want to feel on a daily basis. How do you want to feel? Release old patterns/ habits that aren't healthy or serving you anymore. Only stick to patterns and habits that bring a sense of wellbeing into your life. It's time to purify your life. Clean it up. Create a new healthier life and lifestyle. 

The last aspect that is exact at the time of the Full Moon is that Mercury and Venus are conjunct. Not only is that significant, but the fact that they are conjunct at 29 degrees of Virgo. Each zodiac sign is made of 29 degrees and 59 minutes (not actual minutes). 29 being the last degree of a sign signifies an important turning point. With Venus involved in this conjunction this Full Moon can also bring turning points in relationships. With the conjunction to Mercury this can come through important realizations and conversations. 

This is a pretty powerful Full Moon. It's a turning point, a time of transformation, a time of release and most of all a time of surrender. What would you like your reality to look like? Allow yourself to release what doesn't belong in it anymore. Allow yourself to change. To flow with the tide of transformation. To stop trying to sort out and perfect too much. Release and then surrender and enjoy the ride. 

Thursday, August 29, 2019

New Moon in Virgo: Cleaning Up, Getting Organized, and Becoming Healthier

Very early tomorrow (August 30th 2019) we are having a New Moon in Virgo. The Virgo energy will be high with 5 planetary bodies in Virgo. This New Moon marks a new starting point for the month ahead. 

This is time for a reset, but in Virgo fashion. Not only do we have 5 planetary bodies in Virgo, but there are 8 in earth signs. The focus is definitely on our material lives, physical lives and on practical matters. At this new starting point it's important to get your life in order, to feel organized. Sort out your work life (it's a good time to start new jobs for some). Get your finances sorted out. If you're scattered in your physical life it's time to get organized. Sort out the details. If anything in your physical life is messy it's a good time to clean it up. Forget spring cleaning, it's time for some end of summer cleaning! It's also important to pay attention to your health and body at this time. Make some new promises to yourself for better self-care. Implement new health routines. Whether it's eating healthier, new exercise routines, skincare, better sleeping patterns or even routines to chill you out and get you in a better mental space like meditating. Our physical lives are where the attention is at. It's time to be organized and healthy. 

Mars is the planet that's the most closely aligned with the New Moon. This is great because Mars propels us forward. It's time to move full steam ahead in your life, just in Virgo fashion. No rushing ahead impulsively. Do so in an organized and calculated way. 

Mercury and Venus are also in Virgo at the time of the New Moon and are joined in this Virgo stellium. With Mercury our minds are ready to think practically and get things in order, which is helpful. With Venus this shows relationships can be involved in all this too. There could be some fresh beginnings in relationships. It's important to make sure relationships are in a healthy space at this time and that they are working well on an everyday level. It's wonderful and important to have all the romance, passion and fun, but it's also important to make sure relationships work practically speaking. To make sure they fit into our everyday lives as well. We're basically just taking stock of every area of our lives and making sure it all works out as it should. Then moving forward with it all. 

The New Moon will be exactly trine Uranus in Taurus. We've been dealing with this Uranus energy all this week leading up to the New Moon as well. This is definitely a time of a lot of change. Our lives are changing. New things are coming together. Sure we need to have everything in order and all that, but not like how we used to. Our lives may be quite different than before, so we need to figure out how to organize and navigate in whatever new life you find yourself in or whatever changes you are going through. Just because some of this energy sounds boring and overly practical doesn't mean things should be stagnant or stay the same. With Uranus here, you need a breath of fresh air, some shake ups, some excitement amidst the need to be grounded. 

Hope everyone has a great New Moon! This is the perfect energy to usher in September with. Sort out the new reality you would like, make any changes, get your life in order and move full steam ahead! Just make sure you don't fall into over perfectionism or being overly critical with all this Virgo energy. All this energy can really help make your material and physical life better however. 

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Full Moon in Aquarius: Owning Our Own Authenticity and Stepping into Heart Centered Relationships

Thursday, August 15th 2019 (5:29 AM PST). We are having a Full Moon in Aquarius. This is both a major culmination point and time of harvest as well as a time of release. There are so many aspects to talk about that are going on around this Full Moon! 

Any lunar phase isn't about just the Moon, it's about the Moon in relation to the Sun. Therefore to look at the energy of a lunar event, both the energy of the Sun and the Moon are equally important. This Full Moon the Sun is in Leo and the Moon is in Aquarius. 

Let's talk about this Leo energy first. There is so much energy in Leo right now! This is where the emphasis is at. We have the Sun, Venus, Mars and Mercury here. Even the asteroid Juno. At this time it's so important for everyone to be owning or stepping into their authentic selves. It's time to own who you really are and what aligns with you. It's time to shine. To just simply be yourself. With Venus in Leo it's important to love yourself. To acknowledge who you really are and love and accept that. It's also important to make sure you're in authentic relationships. Ones that are genuine that light up your heart. Relationships that honor who you really are. With Mars here it's time to exert your true self. Step into your power. Assert yourself and own who you are even if others don't like it. To pursue what it is you truly want. With Mercury here it's important you speak your truth. Express yourself. Share who you are with others/the world. Mercury also finally moves out of it's shadow period at the Full Moon, marking a time of moving forward, full steam ahead and integrating everything you've learned and realized through July. With asteroid Juno here it's important that you commit to your true self first and foremost. Then, that everything you commit to are things that feel aligned with you and your heart. Basically every seed you planted in the past month or so around living a more authentic life can come to harvest now. Lots of lovely things that are so true to you can really be blossoming. Anything that is not authentic, not aligned with who you are and doesn't make your heart sing needs to go now though. These are things that need to be released. 

With the Moon in Aquarius, if you've been trying to fit in or please anyone in any way now is the time to let go of that. There's no room for fitting in with the energy that's going on. There's no room for people pleasing or giving up yourself and what really aligns with you and your heart. We dealt with major eclipses in Leo and Aquarius last summer, even had one in January. What did you learn about yourself and your life then? Some of these issues may come up for some people. Remember what you've learned. Don't go backwards. Aquarius is very mental and can be very detached as well. We kinda want to release detachment. Leo energy is about showing up fully. Being present. Being in the heart. Being love. It doesn't run away. Own the stage so to speak. Don't run away. Own who you are. What you do. What you want. What you feel. What and who you love. Detachment won't help anyone in the current energy. 

Relationships are a big part of this energy for many people. Venus is conjunct the Sun during the Full Moon. Juno the asteroid of commitment and committed relationships is conjunct Mars. A lot of positive, authentic, heart centered relationships may be coming together for a lot of people. This can be super beautiful. On the flip side, if you are not in a good relationship, your heart isn't in it and it's not authentic and real, it's time to let go. If you've given yourself up for someone, that's not gonna fly. If you're in something that feels 'detached' or your heart's not in it, forget it. Detachment in relationships won't go over well in general. Leo energy is about showing up, being in the heart, not running away. Also, with Juno here it's more a time of positive commitment rather than being detached or non committal. Overall it looks like good things can be coming together for many people. It can be so beautiful because it's so great for being who you are as an individual, but it's also so great for relationships. What a perfect balance. So much love available for yourself and others. 

I don't always mention asteroids, but the big asteroids are rather involved in this Full Moon. I've already talked about Juno, but Pallas Athene and Vesta are rather involved as well. Pallas Athene is roughly sextile all the Leo energy and trine the Moon and exactly sextile Juno. Pallas Athene is about wisdom. It's time to tap into our inner wisdom as well to make choices moving forwards. What do we know is right for us and is the right choice? Especially when committing to something or someone tap into that inner wisdom. Pallas Athene is in Libra. There's so much wisdom there about compromise, fairness and harmonious relationships. We can really tap into this wisdom to create very balanced situations and relationships in our lives. Vesta has to do with the 'inner flame' the divine spark within that we don't really share with anyone. It is ours alone. Vesta is square the Full Moon and Venus. This could mean one of two things. It's important that we don't dampen our inner flame or spark for others. Vesta is also associated with vestal virgins and virginity however, so also perhaps it's about sharing our inner flame. Not becoming an island unto yourself. There's a big balance this Full Moon between the self and relationships. Both are so important at this time. 

Pluto is sneakily influencing the energy of the Full Moon as it was in a quincunx or an  inconjunct with the Sun and Venus the day before. This is the energy that shows there may be things lingering underneath the surface that need to be released for us to move forward in our lives both personally and in love. Is it emotions from the past? Outdated structures of some kind? Pluto rules the underworld and before you can fully step into the sunlight of Leo perhaps there's some stuff in the shadows that needs to be acknowledged and released. It can seem uncomfortable and incompatible with the current energy to do so. That's what  inconjuncts are. It's an aspect between planets in completely incompatible signs. It doesn't even hold the tension of a square or an opposition. It's just uncomfortable. As everyone is getting into the spotlight, owning their authentic selves and getting into the energy of love, they don't want to go down into the depths, face the shadows and release some outdated past shit. It still must be done though. It will be helpful to face and release these things. We have to accept the deepest darkness in order for us to step into the light. Issues around power and control could be lurking down there. Things that need to 'die' or finally be put to rest. Things that need to transform. Desires. Sexual desires or issues. Time to face, release or integrate it all. 

Mercury is also about to trine Chiron at the time of the Full Moon. This is great for healing wounds around self-expression. Ability to express who we really are and our identities better. Very healing self aspect. Very healing aspect around sharing and communicating our truth. 

Last aspect I want to talk about is that Neptune is now trine the North Node again as well. Neptune is in Pisces and the North Node is in Cancer. In the midst of all this energy never underestimate the power of following you emotions, intuition and going with the flow. When you're tuned into the flow of life and exactly what you want and feel, you will be much more likely to end up in a good space in your life. I wouldn't recommend forcing anything right now or going against what you feel. 

What an intense Full Moon this is! So powerful though! So powerful for everyone's lives and who they are as an individual. Also, so powerful for relationships. Such beautiful, yet complex energy. There's a lot going on! Remember to own who you are, what you love and who you love. Embrace it all. The time is now to step into all of this fully. 

Thursday, August 1, 2019

New Moon in Leo: New Beginnings Aligned With Our Authentic Selves

We have finally come out of Eclipse season and Mercury is direct after three weeks of being retrograde! It's been an intense past month or so where everyone's been so encouraged to get in touch with and follow their emotions. Besides that there could have been major new things coming together and a lot of release of the old, especially emotionally. With Mercury Retrograde there could have been some reflection needed, some realizations about what you truly feel. Probably not complete clarity though about how it all plays out. Now with a New Moon in Leo, which happened last night here on the west coast (July 31st) and today in other time zones this really marks the beginning of a new chapter. Whatever new things came into being during Eclipse season, whatever you've realized, whatever you processed and realized, you can take everything you've learned and move forward! 

With the New Moon happening in Leo you are able to start fresh in a way. Anything aligned with your authentic self can get going now. Wherever you are going and whatever you are starting should either jive with your true self, awaken your heart or help you live a life that allows you more freedom to be you and pursue the life you want. This is the key right now. Not just the Sun and the Moon, but Mars and Venus are also in Leo right now. Leo energy is all about showing up in your full authenticity, about having the courage to be yourself and follow your heart, it's about being creative and playful. About shining your light. It's regal. It's time to hold your head up high and own who you are, what you want and what speaks to your heart. This is all the energy we can tap into at the moment. 

Mercury turning direct will bring more clarity. The clarity could take some time to show up since Mercury needs time to move back to the degree where it was before the retrograde. Still the clouds are parting and things may make more sense. Important communications can happen now. There is greater chance of being understood. Greater ability to express feelings. Also, the past can be much more laid to rest. 

Recently the Sun squared Uranus and it still rather affects the New Moon. It's important that we liberate ourselves at this time. Holding onto anything old or unhealthy will probably just result in some crazy shakeups. Also, it's not a good idea to hold on to fear. You are free to be you. To live an authentic life. To follow your heart and express yourself from the heart. Free yourself! Even as the New Moon comes about there could be unexpected things that could come about. 

Venus in Leo is playing a big part during this New Moon as well. Following our hearts in terms of relationships is important now. New beginnings with relationships are possible. Venus will be trine Chiron in Aries at the time of the New Moon. This means within this new beginning energy there is potential for relationship healing. Ability to heal some wounds around love and relationships. This can be very general, but because of the signs these planetary bodies are in, Leo and Aries, there can be a healing around getting to be who you really are in relationships. Healing from times you felt you couldn't be yourself or that it wasn't honored in a relationship. This can affect you within any relationship dynamic, not just romantic and it can also affect you if you're single. There's just a lot of self-love healing with this placement too. To really honor and accept who you truly are. To heal identity issues. To drop the masks. Also, great for healing and following what you really want in relationships. If previously you have not gone after the type of relationship you wanted, weren't in relationships that were true to your heart you can heal from that and move in a better direction. 

Venus will also be squaring Uranus soon after the New Moon. Again, if you are holding onto the past or anything unhealthy in terms of relationships, expect some shakeups. You need to liberate yourself in terms of relationships. Free yourself to have excitement, passion and authentic love. Don't hold on to stagnation, what's no longer working, the fear etc. There could be any sort of unexpected things within the realm of relationships as well since we're dealing with Uranus. 

It's truly exciting that this major Eclipse season is done. It's time to move into some new, more authentically aligned territory. Now we can express ourselves and have more clarity about the direction we are going in. It's a vibrant, exciting, courageous, loving and healing time. Also, unpredictable as Uranus in aspect could throw some curveballs. 

Friday, July 19, 2019

A Word on Astrology

Hi everyone! I felt inspired today for all of you who have been reading my posts and who have worked with me to delve a little deeper into what astrology is and what I'm posting. 

Astrology is the study of how the planets affect humans and human behavior. Basically how the planets affect the energy you could say. We all live within this universe and it makes sense to me that we are influenced by it's movements as everything is connected. When I work with people everything is based around their birth chart, which is a chart drawn up for the moment and place they were born. I like to see it that you are a piece of the universe and so that particular energy that was in play the minute you came into being becomes like a personal energy blueprint. Birth charts are only repeated every 25,000 years. After you take your first breath though, the planets keep moving and they have everyday since. They keep moving and affecting your birth chart showing constant evolution and change. You are not just part of this living fabric of the universe, but you are living in it and it is forever moving. The transits are what I talk about in these posts. Current planetary placements. They do affect everyone in a way because we all live on this planet, yet they affect everyone individually as well in completely different ways which I also look at when I work with people one on one. 

The earliest birth chart found dates from 410 B.C., although acknowledgement that planets affect humans goes back even further. Rulers from Rome, monarchs from England's past and even presidents have been reliant on astrologers. Sadly though, at one point in time it faded into the background. As science gained strength people didn't want to believe what they couldn't prove, which is limiting to me. (Also, the reason they say it doesn't work is because they think the zodiac signs talked about are based on the constellations, but the zodiac signs come from the zodiac belt and don't have anything to do with the constellations in western astrology). Religion when it had gained strength condemned it as well as all sorts of other things. Again, limiting. Well more controlling I should say. It seems that ways of thinking such as astrology that are so in tune with the natural flow of life threatened the sense of control they wanted to exert. People have seemed out of touch with not only the universe's movements, but with the earth, the naturalness of their bodies etc. ever since. Eventually astrology made a come back in the 20th century with horoscopes and sun signs. Which is a shame because horoscopes are frivolous and basically don't tell you anything. Sun signs are very real, but when seen without the context of the rest of astrology they seem to show that astrology says you fit in one of twelve boxes. Back to the fact that birth charts are only repeated every 25,000 years, astrology actually shows everyone to be unique. Sun signs are just a part of that. These days 'true' astrology is alive and thriving, just it's not usually what people think about when they think about astrology. 

There is a measure of belief that comes with being into astrology since we cannot prove that the movements of the planetary bodies affects us as humans. Yet it is most definitely not a belief system. It is a tool. Astrologers have always studied the planetary movements and they saw patterns emerge and studied how different placements affected people. This has been passed down and improved upon throughout the ages. To me it makes perfect sense. The more I got into it, it couldn't help but become a huge part of my life because it simply completely makes sense. There is just that gap in scientifically proving it. To me it is actually quite practical in a way. I don't need to know why it works, but it very much seems to.I  love being in the flow of life and the universe. Honestly, it's been a better way to live. Just because it jives so much with me doesn't mean it has to jive with all of you out there. I believe in keeping an open mind and questioning everything. I do like to say that personally for the most part I believe in nothing, yet I believe in infinite possibility. 

What astrologers have discovered through their studies of astrology is the different energies of the different planets and their alignments. It's all just energy. We can't tell the future or predict anything. I certainly can't claim to know that. Just to understand the astrological symbols and what kind of energy they hold and what that could imply for our human lives. I try to put it in helpful human terms. There is still a mystery to all of it though and I believe it's what you choose to do with certain energies that can help determine how your future goes. That's why astrology is a helpful tool. 

Whether astrology resonates and makes sense to you or not, I hope this post was helpful in getting to understand it a bit more. If you would like to join me in being in the cosmic flow you could say I will always be keeping everyone up to date on current energies. If you would like to delve deeper into your personal birth chart and how energies are affecting you personally if you message me I am always available to work with you. ✨